Dealing With Web Browser Compatibility

One common problem website designers are trying to solve most of their time is the web browser compatibility issues. When you create a website, you make sure that it looks perfect in your default browser. However, when you open this website on a different browser, you notice that the appearance is not the same as in your own browser. Even if you use a third browser, there is always that bit of difference from the original browser.

All the browsers interpret the (X) HTML differently. (Websites are written on this code: (X) HTML). All browsers have their own form controls and internal style sheets. Hence, a website which was designed in one browser and opened in another can have a different look.

However it is a solvable issue, so there’s nothing to fret about it. You can deal with this problem through (1) the right tools (2) designing with web standards and (3) using conditional statements.


Features of the Free Web Browsers

If you are new to using the Internet, the first question you probably have in mind would be what are the free web browsers. You can start using the Internet once you have a browser. There are many free web browsers available online today. You can simply save it in your computer and install it easily. Some of them are Firefox browser and Mozilla.

1. Mozilla’s Firefox is one of the answers to the question, what are the free browsers. This is a standard web browser you can get for free online. It has several features which are all useful. You can open multiple pages at one time when you browse. This web browser also ensures the safety of the users by having developer and privacy tools. The pop-ups are blocked first and the user is asked to allow it to be opened first before it appears. The Firefox is much safer because the ActiveX support is disabled. This is the feature is usually the thing that spyware utilizes to give infections to computers.

2. The Opera browser is the second answer to the question,what are the free web browsers. This browser has an engine for rendering which other browsers does not. Another useful feature it has is the multiple tabs you can open at a time. It also blocks illegal pop ups. It has provides a chatting feature as well as an email feature. It has anti-phishing tools that can detect spyware and block it at the same time. It also blocks websites that seem to contain viruses. Opera has a function where you can use your voice to do commands. You can also have it read the texts to you.


How To Change The Default Browser

Most likely if you have purchased a Windows PC, when you first get everything all set up and ready to go and then can’t wait to open your web browser and start on your web surfing journey, but the only web browser installed is Internet Explorer. This is due to the fact that Microsoft makes Windows and Internet Explorer and they of course want you to use IE as your browser of choice.

Let’s say you want to use a different application for your default web browser. What exactly does that mean? Like many program files, when you click on an icon, file or image, the computer will usually automatically open a program that will run it; this means it is set to be the default program (it will automatically use that program to run that file type). This is the same for the browser, example – you open your email, there is link within, if you click to visit the link, typically it would open Internet Explorer (if this was set as your default).

If you are like me and say quite a few others out there, you just do not like nor trust Internet Explorer, you want to be able to change the default browser to your favorite, which could be; Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.


Browser Based MMORPGs Tips and Tricks

A lot of people take Browser Based MMORPGs for granted. Did you know that the web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) were and still are not designed to play games. But if there is an interactive user interface; it’s only a matter of time until some programmer wonders along and starts making a game for that platform, even if just for fun. Well that’s all cool and all, but what if the platforms was not designed for games in mind; such as the web browser? I’ll tell you what, you run into all kinds of issues that you do not find on gaming consoles such as the xbox, PlayStation or desktop PC applications (Wow, Half-Life, etc). I will discuss here a few common issues that players of Free Browser Based MMORPGs encounter during game play.

The most common issue is when developers of Free Browser Based MMORPGs makes a change to any script that is saved on your computer. This includes javascript, which for non flash browser gamers is usually a major component of the game. Now when the game developer changes this code, it may be cached on your computer and will not automatically update! This is just as frustrating for the game developers as the users themselves, trust me. So when you find that something is not working that used to or things are just acting funny in the game, before you go sending the admins any mail or going around in the forum claiming that the game has been hacked; simply clear your web browsers cache and cookies. Most modern browser cache clearing many can be accessed by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE on your keyboard. The only 2 options you need checked are cache and cookies. You do not need to clear your browsing history or saved passwords or anything like that. For safe measure restart your browser and log back onto whatever Browser Based MMORPGs you play. If this has not repaired the issue, than yes I would recommend submitting an in game support ticket and give a detailed as possible description as to what is happening as well as which web browser you use.

If you are experiencing lag, be aware that essentially there are two types of lag in this situation.


A Review of Google Chrome As an Internet Browser

What is internet browser?

You are probably using a browser to read this right now. A Web browser, often just called a “browser,” is the program people use to access the World Wide Web. It interprets HTML code including text, images, hypertext links, JavaScript, and Java applets. After rendering the HTML code, the browser displays a nicely formatted page. Some common browsers are Google chrome, Microsoft internet explorer, Netscape Communicator, and apple Safari.


Google Chrome is the latest web browser to seriously compete with internet explorer, Firefox and Safari, and is vying to be the top web browser of them all. With added security, tabbed windows and other innovative features, Chrome looks likely to flex its muscles. Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.